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Stefan Joyal: Tips for Success in Sales

Finding success in sales requires a certain business sense combining assertiveness and strong convictions   Stefan Joyal is a successful businessman who is the founder of the Washé App, an on-demand service app based in both Florida and California.  His knack for sales helped pave the way for success during both the  development stages of his business and as he expanded into new territory.  Determination and commitment are the cornerstones of a successful sales person, but these tips can also help boost the bottom line.

Stefan Joyal: Negotiating with Businesses

Quality Over Quantity

It’s no secret that sales is largely a numbers game.  However, the quality of the contacts you choose to pursue can prove to be way more lucrative than the quantity.  Spending the time to identify companies that are the right fit for your product and that have the funds to allocate is a more efficient method than aiming to make many contacts.

Be Prepared to Respond to Why

When communicating with prospects, they are oftentimes several steps ahead with why questions—why do I need this product?  Why is your service better than the others?  Why is the price higher?  Why should I put my faith in you?  Being prepared to answer these questions, and even answering them proactively shows your commitment to the product and service.

Stefan Joyal‘s commitment and determination helped him to develop, secure funds and launch his service app.  The Washé App was launched in January 2016 and is based in Boca Raton, Florida.  The service area expanded to Southern California in summer of 2016.


Stefan Joyal: What Is A Private Equity Investment?

As the founder of the Washé App, an on-demand service for car washing and detailing, Stefan Joyal knows the importance of securing financing through private investors.  Private equity is a source of capital secured through both high net worth businesses and individuals with the intention of acquiring equity ownership in companies.

Stefan Joyal: What Is A Private Equity Investment?

Those doing business in private equity firms manage and raise funds with the intention of gaining positive returns for their clients.  The investments most often have a window of four to seven years.  Private equity funds are typically used to purchase interests in private companies or as investments in public companies that have been delisted from the public stock exchange.  Depending on the company, the minimum amount can an investment of $250,000 up to the multi-million dollar range.

Private equity companies most often have both a fee structure and a performance fee. A yearly management fee may consist of 2 percent of any assets they preside over as well as 20 percent of the gross profits if the company is sold.  The most important functions of a private equity firm include securing the investment deal, the execution of the financial transaction and overseeing their portfolio of investments.

Stefan Joyal operates the successful Washé App, which he developed and launched with the help of private investors.  The company is headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida where Joyal works to secure new business operations, recruits contractors nationwide and develops partnerships with detail supply stores.

Stefan Joyal: How Does A Service App Work?

Stefan Joyal, founder of the Washé app is a Boston native who now lives in Boca Raton, Florida where the corporate headquarters of his business are located. The Washé app connects clients who need a car wash or detail with independent contractors who work for the company.

Stefan Joyal: How Does A Service App Work?

Stefan Joyal came up with his idea for the app while attending Wake Forest University and began extensive research into the business of service apps, leaving him with in-depth knowledge of these types of software programs… Read complete article at:

Stefan Joyal: Negotiating with Businesses

Stefan Joyal: Negotiating with Businesses

Stefan Joyal is the founder of an app and has a number of responsibilities. Before the app launched, he negotiated with private investors as well as supply companies. Even after the launch of the app, Stefan Joyal is responsible for networking, socializing, and negotiating with other business professionals in the mobile service industry.

Stefan Joyal: Negotiating with Businesses

Stefan Joyal: Becoming an Entrepreneur

Stefan Joyal: Becoming an Entrepreneur

Stefan Joyal became an entrepreneur at a young age. He began building his business plan for his mobile app, Washé, while he was still a student at Wake Forest University. He is only twenty-two years old and has already created a successful company. He launched his app at the end of January in 2016, and has expanded his territory to include California. Stefan Joyal is a licensed real estate professional in Massachusetts as well and he has an interest in finance.

Stefan Joyal: Becoming an Entrepreneur

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Stefan Joyal: A Brief Description of Quick Service Restaurants

Stefan Joyal: A Brief Description of Quick Service Restaurants

Stefan Joyal is a young and successful business professional in Boca Raton, Florida. He spent two years working on an app and launched it in January of 2016. He is an ambitious entrepreneur and he looks forward to taking on new business ventures. He has an interest in finance as well as quick service restaurants. If you are interested in venturing into the food industry, there are a few things that you should know about quick service restaurants.

Stefan Joyal: A Brief Description of Quick Service Restaurants

Quick service restaurants, also called fast food restaurants, are not an uncommon sight in most cities. These restaurants have little to no wait staff, and often offer customers the option of going through a drive-thru lane. These restaurants provide customers with quick meals that they rarely have to wait for. The fast food industry has had a major impact on economies, however, the industry is “projected to grow only about two percent annually over the next five years.” Many quick service restaurants are faced with the struggle of offering health-conscious options that fit in with the pricing that fast food customers expect.

Quick service restaurants offer business opportunities as well. Many large chains offer franchise opportunities. If you are interested in becoming a business owner, you can apply to open a franchise in your area. Stefan Joyal grew up in Boston and attended college in North Carolina, where he developed an idea for an app and a business. He successfully funded, created, and the launched Washé App in Boca Raton, Florida and in Southern California.